Sunday, September 22, 2013

The 1960s John Stanley Bibliography is Now Available!

I am pleased to offer for sale this 104-page e-book (in PDF format) that chronologically lists every published story written (and often drawn) by John Stanley, from 1961 to 1971. It's only available here, for the low price of $4.99 USD.

Here's its cover image:

Here are two sample spreads from the e-book. I've written brief, simple synopses of each story, and included the cover image from each 1960s comic book with Stanley material.

As well, there's a bonus section of several un-reprinted, hard to find stories and covers from the decade annotated and discussed in the book. Here is the listing of the 34 pages of bonus comics material included herein:

An all-new five page essay helps add historical context to this material. Though none of this work was critically lauded in its day, it is a strong and highly varied body of stories, issues and overall concepts. Stanley explored new genres and re-established himself as a writer-artist. He could experiment, reconsider and revise his ideas as he worked.

Almost no other mainstream comics creator enjoyed such freedom in the 1960s. Once L. B. Cole was replaced by DJ Arneson as Dell's comics editor, sometime in 1962,  Stanley worked with little (if any) restriction. Producing comics from his home in Continental Village, New York, a rural community located near Peekskill, Stanley was removed from the Manhattan mainstream of publishers' offices and hustling freelancers.

Stanley was a very private man, and there remains much to be learned--if, indeed, such things are possible--about this vital decade of his comics career. How and why it ended--what circumstances drove Stanley away from Dell's employ, and what led to his brief time at Gold Key, a reformed version of his former patron, Western Publications--remains vague, at best. Most, if not all, of the people involved are dead, and no one apparently bothered to record any such events.

Ultimately, the work must speak for itself. Although the third act of Stanley's career ended tragically, for reasons perhaps never known, it is the peak period of his achievements as a comics storyteller and artist. He expressed himself with a freedom and forthrightness that remains refreshing, inspiring and is a creative landmark in a medium so often ruled by profit margins and the bottom line.

This bibliography is, in a sense, a focused celebration of this fertile and rewarding decade that brought John Stanley's comics career to an unfortunate but rousing close.

Scattered among the book's listings is some interesting Stanley trivia. Find out the answer to questions you never knew you wanted to ask, such as:

  •  What was the only Comics-Code approved story of John Stanley's career?
  •  What was the last licensed property Stanley worked with in his career?
  •  What John Stanley comic was partially reprinted in an abridged format?

As a follow-up bonus to the release of this e-book, I'll scan and feature here the two stories that answer the second question above--a real surprise that has been hidden in plain sight for 45 years.

To order the 1960s John Stanley Bibliography for only $4.99 USD, you can click the button below and buy it via PayPal. Upon payment, you will be e-mailed a password-protected download link. The password will be changed every 48 hours, so be sure to promptly download the file, which is 145 MB in size.

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