Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Own A Piece of John Stanley Artwork!

James Stanley, John Stanley's son, has recently been in touch, and has shared some unpublished material of his father's with me. I'll be sharing some of these never-before-seen pieces here shortly.

James has a piece of his father's artwork up for bid on eBay. Were I better-heeled, I'd buy it. In the hopes that someone among the Stanley Stories readership does have some extra moolah to kick around, please consider bidding on this piece.

Here's a picture of it, taken from the eBay auction:

James describes the history of the piece in his eBay auction:

...an early draft idea of John Stanley's contribution to Craig Yoe's and Janet Morra-Yoe's Art of Mickey Mouse. Ultimately, he went with another idea, but this piece is one-of-a-kind and not duplicated or published anywhere. The piece is inked on paper with a foam board backing, and Stanley matted it himself with a turquoise-blue mat board. The piece is not framed and slightly yellowed with age, and has imperfections such as white-out and pencil sketching visible beneath the ink, all indicative of an early concept piece. Mickey was pasted into the ornate clock by Stanley. Since the hardcover was originally published in 1991, I date this piece at around 1989-90. 

As said, I'll be sharing--with James' blessings--some unseen Stanley work here very soon! Check in again in a couple of days for some delights and surprises!

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Paul C.Tumey said...

Way cool! I look forward to seeing the unpublished material. Many thanks to James for sharing this with us devoted fans!