Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Little Lulu Book Two: "The Fuzzythingus Poopi"


It took me awhile to get my copies of this book, which premiered on September 1st, but  I'm happy to say the Drawn and Quarterly production team did a splendid job on this volume.

The book has not received much publicity, but is handsomely mounted. Choosing the stories for this book, which span issues 7-26 of the original comic book series, was a challenge, because there are so many fine stories. I think we got a good mix of story types.

Here are the contents of this volume:

Introduction by Eileen Myles

“The Snowball War” (Marge’s Little Lulu #7, 1/1949)

“Tubby Takes Care of Things” (Lulu #7)

“Beautiful Lulu” (Lulu #8, 2/49)

“The Cloud that Ran Away” (Lulu #9, 3/49)

“Bank Robbery” (Lulu #10, 4/49)

“The Musician” (Lulu #10)

“Lulus Diry” (Lulu #10)

“Housekeeper Wanted” (Lulu #11, 5/49)

“The Sea Dogs” (Lulu #12, 6/49)

Untitled story: Lulu crashes the boys’ soapbox derby (Lulu #13, 7/49)

Untitled story: Lulu has an epic desert nightmare (Lulu #13)

Untitled story: Lulu saves the day with her police whistle (Lulu #14, 8/49)

Untitled story: Lulu helps a homeless ghost (Lulu #15, 9/49)

“Lulus Diry” (Lulu #15)

Untitled story: Lulu foils the boys’ beauty contest (Lulu #16, 10/49)

“The Deep Black River” (Lulu #17, 11/49)

Untitled story: Lulu foils a cat burglar (Lulu #17)

Untitled story: Lulu makes a poor girl’s Christmas special (Lulu  #18, 12/49)

“Little Lulu” (half-page pantomime gag, Lulu #10, 4/49)

“The Hairbrush Mystery”  (Lulu #19, 1/1950)

“The Little Girl with No Name” (Lulu #20, 2/50)

“Lulus Diry” (Lulu #20)

“Frog’s Legs” (Lulu #21, 3/50)

“Alvinsitting” (Lulu #22, 4/50)

“Junior Detective Tubby” (Lulu #23, 5/50)

“Great Day” (Lulu #23)

“Rainy Day” (Lulu #24, 6/50)

“The Old Master” (Lulu #24)

“Tubby” (half-page pantomime gag, Lulu #12, 6/49)

“The Fuzzythingus Poopi” (Lulu #25, 7/50)

“Friends and Enemies” (Lulu #26, 8/50)

“Tubby” (half-page pantomime gag, Lulu #10, 4/49)

Cover Gallery, issues 7-26

Afterword: “Sweat Equity: John Stanley’s Little Lulu Comes Together” by Frank M. Young

The third book is in production and promises to be the best volume in the series. I hope this information is helpful and that you'll pick up a copy of this book if you've not already.

Monday, April 6, 2020

All John Stanley Books Available as E-Books!

I know I'm a bit late to the game, but my four books on John Stanley are now available as full-color e-books that contain all the content of the print editions, and are priced at $9.99 each.





Since Amazon may not be able to fulfill print-on-demand orders due to the apocalypse, this is an immediate way to access these four books. Thanks for your indulgence of this commercial.

In other news, the second volume in Drawn + Quarterly's hardcover, full-color Little Lulu books, The Fuzzythingus Poopi, is headed to the printers. I selected the stories, which are some of the best in Stanley's career, and wrote a long-ish afterword, entitled "Sweat Equity." The color reproduction is even better than the first volume, and this handsome book will be a gift of joy and laughter to a world that needs these things!