Sunday, May 31, 2009

great new blog on comix master JACK COLE!

Click H E R E to visit COLE'S COMICS, a fine new blog on the cartoon artistry of writer-artist Jack Cole--a person who, like John Stanley, merits the label of "superb comics creator." (I dislike the term 'genius,' and shun its use when possible. Now's the time to go back and tally up how many times I've used the word in this blog!)

Paul is a longtime friend. Many is the hour we've spent discussing comics, and Jack Cole has been a frequent topic of our talks. I'm excited that Paul has begun this blog.

If you think Jack Cole is just about "Plastic Man," you've got another think coming. Be sure to visit COLE'S COMICS regularly for great stories and compelling critical commentary!


Juanele said...

I can't thank enough you and your friend Paul, and all other bloggers like Pappy, who are so generous to share all these great comix that otherwise, I would never ever be able to see! I just discovered your blog a few days ago, enjoyed all those Lulu's Summer Camp post of the past days, and now there's a new blog! Thanks again!

Thad said...

Thanks for the link! And there's lots of good shit here, have missed it while looking for employment (found some).

BTW, I agree that genius has been so overused, it's lost its meaning.