Tuesday, January 1, 2013

John Stanley's Tropical Nightmare Noir: The Complete Tramp Doctor

NOTE: A newly revised and re-uploaded version of the linked file was established 8/17/14. It's on Box.com, and should work for the foreseeable future.

Happy 2013! To ring in the new year, I present the complete run of John Stanley's intense, unusual and highly personal "Tramp Doctor."

You may download a CBR file (which can be converted to an RAR file by just changing the file extension) HERE. This file includes a three-page piece on the series I've written.

It does not, by far, contain all my thoughts on "Tramp Doctor." I have more to say about this series -- and about all of John Stanley's work.

Truth told, I've been giving this stuff away for free since 2008. This is the year I will write a book on John Stanley, his life and his work.

Who will step forward and publish it?

I've tried to interest my agent in the project, but I think it falls outside of his perimeters. I've pitched the project to one major publisher, but not heard back from them. (The person I pitched it to is crazy-busy, and I understand that some things fall off his radar, but I hope to be able to discuss this project with him in this new year).

With the 250th post, I will end Stanley Stories the blog. It has been a pleasure to do this blog, and I'm grateful for all the great people I've met, and all the information I've found, as a result of this project. I'm at a crossroads in my life, where I can keep giving away my gifts, and suffer in poverty, or commit them to a more permanent form, in the guise of a book.

Comics scholarship, like creating comics at all, is not a path to fortune -- of this I am gravely aware. I would like to have something more solid to show for all the work and thought I've put into my in-depth study of the comics of John Stanley.

I'm more than ready for the task, and I feel such a book would add greatly to existing comics and popular culture scholarship. Publishers, you have a potentially great book here. Will you step up and publish it?


Gabriel said...

Thanx for this new present, and for all the work, thoughts and sweat you're poured here, Frank. It's been a real pleasure to drop by here time and time again. I've grown richer on doing it. You can bet on it.

I wish you all the fortune for this new year and the best of luck for that promising book!

Mestiere said...

This is post 241. You posted 20 times in 2012 so, perhaps five or six more months before The End?

I have had a great time visiting your blog and appreciate all your efforts. I wish you the best of lucks with your book about John Stanley!

Frank M. Young said...

To Mestiere

Yes, given my rate of posting, nine more posts will likely take us into summer. I want to leave 250 posts on this blog.

And, knowing myself, I will probably post on the blog intermittently afterwards... who knows?

There's still plenty of time!

mr ed said...

I will strongly prefer the book, and if no one steps forward to publish it may they all go out of business.
There are many things I read on the computer I wouldn't pay for, and there are things I read and then wish they were on paper between covers.

Gabriel said...
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Frank M. Young said...

Hi Gabriel,

It's not just hollow rhetoric. This is my 2013 resolution. I just want to prepare people. Thanks!

mr ed said...

God, You know what I hate? Not long ago Dark Horse and D&Q were both publishing lots of Stanley material. They even published some Tubby stories which were close to the exact same content at the exact same time. And just about since then they have both dropped Stanley. Fantagraphics, anybody, please get on the ball.

Patrick Ford