Thursday, February 12, 2009

A balm for Tubby anxiety everywhere...

Just to restore some calm here...

There has not been any official announcement from Dark Horse (that I know of) about the TUBBY reprints.

Any project such as this takes a lot of time to set up... from rights negotiations to the search for photostats, original art, and other reproduction sources; then comes book design, editorial content, and other necessary decisions.

I wish it were as easy as: "hey! Cool old comix! Let's reprint 'em!" Having worked as a writer and editor for decades, I know all too well the stasis that is part of the publishing field.

I have only heard about the TUBBY books through the grapevine, via my connections in the comix publishing biz. They tend to hear about new titles and trends a long time before they become public.

If you're wracked with anxiety over the appearance of these TUBBY volumes, why not write Dark Horse and get info from them? Let me know what you find out!

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