Friday, September 10, 2010

Killer, Not Filler Pt. II--Two Newly Discovered John Stanley WOODY WOODPECKER One-Pagers!

These just in: I finally found a copy of NEW FUNNIES #130. It's been on my imaginary want-list for a few years. (No, I don't carry one of those smudged ring binders riddled with serial-killer scrawls, as pertains to my comic book holdings and desired items... sorry to disappoint!)

I wasn't holding my breath for Stanley material here. I'm also missing issue 131, which is unaccountably hard to find. I have determined that issue 132 (which is commonplace) has no Stanley content, and that all issues, from 132 on, are by other hands, including Frank Thomas and Charles Hedinger.

Jury's still out on NF 131. To my delight, issue 130 contained two more John Stanley-drawn (and written) "Woody Woodpecker" gag pages. One of them is a three-quarter page, due to a Dell subscription coupon.

Click HERE to visit the newly-updated post that contains several other John Stanley-penned 'pecker pages. I've substantially reworked the existing text, so it merits another go-round, reading-wise... enjoy!


Peter Huggan said...

Thanks for those two Woody gags!

Have you seen this Tom and Jerry #50? Wow! Harvey Eisenberg art with obvious John Stanley scripts and layouts, what a combination!

Frank M. Young said...

Yep--I ran this story awhile back on STANLEY STORIES! Thanks for your comments!