Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Killer, Not Filler Pt. III--Complete Set of 18 John Stanley WOODY WOODPECKER One-Pagers!

Go HERE to view the complete set of 18 one-page, one-color "Woody Woodpecker" gag pages, as written and drawn by John Stanley in 1947! This revamped, fancied-up post is finally finished!

It's taken me awhile to get all of these, but I'm happy to offer them all for your perusal. These are an important part of John Stanley's work as a cartoonist-writer!

Drat, I'm not able to write enough copy to fill out the space beside this teaser graphic!



yes! >whew<

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Scott said...

I love the old New Funnies and have a stack of them. I always liked the Lantz characters and was excited to see your blog!